Community Involvement

City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA


William M. Meredith School

~ Spearheaded the initial installation of Internet, computer labs, and new lighting, and renovated the library and building restrooms.

Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration

~ Developed a course titled, "General Business Training"

Philadelphia Police Department

Friends of the South Street Police Mini-Station

Founder and President

Free Library of Philadelphia

Friends of the Charles Santore Library


Parks and Recreation

Palumbo Recreation Center

~ Spearheaded a $1M renovation with Councilman Mark Squilla in 2016

~ Developed original websites for the Palumbo Recreation Center and the Palumbo Soccer Club 

Community Associations

Bella Vista Neighbors Association (formerly Bella Vista Town Watch)

~ Founder and Past President

~ Created grass root movement in 1992 to reduce crime, graffiti, and blight, and devised master plan to facilitate growth & change through proper zoning & urban planning.

~ Utilized a consensus process rather than pure voting to encourage involvement, unite the community and present findings to government officials.

~ Changed organizational name in 2013 to better reflect the mission

~ Received the 2016 Distinguished Community Service Award

~ Currently promoting local restaurants and businesses within the community 

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Callowhill Neighborhood Association

~ Partnered in the growth and development of former industrial area

~ Collaborated in the promotion of The Rail Park and Reading Railroad Dining Car 1186