Real Property Solutions (RPS) is a national consulting firm specializing in property repositioning and building systems.  RPS has over 30 years of experience delivering successful, effective real estate solutions on behalf of owners.  We assess your real estate requirements and provide maximum value. With a “boots on the ground” approach, our clients benefit from RPS’ unique advantage of having experience in every facet of real estate as consultants, owner representatives, property managers and sweat equity partners. 

RPS handles the nuts and bolts of every component of your project by building, and incorporating a proven proprietary process which ensures the end result is always of the highest quality without sacrificing budget or schedule. RPS leads and manages development and operations professionals and experts.   At RPS, our sole focus is your success.

Real Property Solutions increases income, decreases expenses and creates value.

Mission Statement

Real Property Solutions' mission is to facilitate a comprehensive, efficient and expedient process to meet the project goals and objectives focusing solely on the owner’s success.   Whatever the task may be; due diligence, acquisition, repositioning, development, leasing, management, stabilization or sale of a property, Real Property Solutions is ready to assist you in developing a solution to fit your unique needs.

Real Property Solutions understands that every project needs a solid budget plan, with an obtainable schedule and the end result must be a quality product.

Real Property Solutions understands that complex problems are just a maze of small problems, together creating a challenge that can and will be solved through a manageable process. Whether the challenge is understanding the marketplace for the end users’ needs, assembling a professional team, dealing with contractor or supplier deliverables, understanding insurance requirements, managing contracts, handling utility companies or complying with government regulations – Real Property Solutions is the answer.

Real Property Solutions understands real estate by maintaining respect for the past, dealing with the reality of the present, and positioning you successfully to deal with the future.

Real Property Solutions delivers results so that your real estate venture is successful.